K4P 2002 Special Event Station in remeberance of the 9/11 Attack on the Pentagon.
At 9:37 am Eastern Time American Airlines Flight 77 was crashed into the Pentagon.
Killing nearly 190 men and women in the service of America

Operators of this event where:
Deanna Lutz K7DID, Arthur Lutz K5DID, Rick Bunn N4ASX, Rich Adamy KA4GFY, Jim De Young KG4QWC, Harry Jones N4CWP, Jim Nitzberg WX3B, Gene Smar AD3F, Jim Talens N3JT, John Transue AF4PD, Howard Gordon W3CQH, Brian Cochran N8FK, Kieth Bennington KM4AA, Craig Fienberg N4WUV, Steve Schneider K3IZ, David Wiesen K2VX, Brad Farrell N3BF, Bruce Plantin W3BP, GaryFerdinand W2CS, Bill Scholtz W3HXF, Hugh Maddocks K3SS, Cliff Bedore W3CB, Mike Callaham NW3V, Steve Hawley K4EU, Bill Hider N3RR, Bill Perkins KC4D, William Hoge KB3GHE, Jim Hoge W3JJH, Ian Keith N8IK

And Special Thanks To:
Dennis Roberts of IHS Studio for permission to use the stained glass image on the QSL card, and Goodway Graphics of Springfield, Va for donating printing services.

I wish to personaly thank Deanna K7DID for whith out her determination and spirit K4P would not of happened. K4P was her Idea from the start and she nursed it from a puppy to a fully grown Great Dane. Hats off to Deanna!!!!!!!

73' de N8FK Brian

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