My Mixes

1960's mix

Motown mix

Micheal Jackson mix

Elvis mix

Patriotic Mixes

God Bless America * Celine Dion

Land of Hope and Dreams * Bruce Springsteen

Hero * Mariah Carey

Amazing Grace * Tramaine Hawkins

Bloowin' in the Wind * Bob Dylan

Bridge Over Trouble Water * Simon & Garfunkel

Peaceful World * John Melencamp

There's a Hero * Billy Gilman

America the Beautiful * Frank Sinatra

God Bless the USA * Lee Greenwood

This Land is Our Land * Pete Seeger

Coming Out of the Dark * Gloria Estefan

We Shall Over Come * Mahalia Jackson

The Star Spangled Banner * Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Lean on Me * Bill Withers

Celtic / Irish

When Irish eyes are smiling * MacNamara's band

Whiskey in the Jar * Spailpn

The White cliffs of Dover * Phil's Lilverpool band

Star of the County Down * Killarney Singers

Danny Boy * MacNamara's band

I've got a lovely Bunch of Cocconuts * Phil's Lilverpool band

The Foggy Foggy Dew * Dublin Ramblers

Boys from the Country Armagh * Marie O'Brien

When I'm Sixty Four * Norfolk Singers

Galaway Shore * Killarney Singers

Black Velvet Band * MacNamara's band

Lily of Laguna * Phil's Lilverpool band

Galaway Bay * MacNamara's band

Goodnight Irene * Norfolk Singers

The Betrayal * Gaelforce Dance

Star of Munster * Brendan Moriarty

Gaelic the Dancer * Brendan Gaelic band

Three Young Ladies Drinking * Spailpin

Easy Horn Pipe * Michael O'Donahoe

Solitary Jig * Brendan Gaelic band

Humours of Ennis * Anorak Adventure

Slip Jig * Michael O'Donahoe

Goath Eriskay * Brendan Gaelic band

Easy Reel * Michael O'Donahoe

The Celebration * Gaelforce Dance

Cry of the Celts * Irish show Ensemble

The Lord of the Dance * Irish Show Ensemble

Double Jig * Michael O'Donahoe

Mountains in the Mist * Brendan Gaelic Band

Intermediate Reel * Michael O'Donahoe

Humours of Ennis * Anorak Adventure

Advanced Reel * Michael O'Donahoe

Brendan's Collage * Brendan Gaelic Band

St. Patrick's Day * Michael O'Donahoe

Felim's Little Boat Phelims * Spailpin Feat

King of the Fairies * Anorak Adventure

BlackBird * Michael O'Donahoe

Aisling's Dance * Gaelforce Dance

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